We are one of the most advanced Companies in designing and in manufacturing machines for the high quality collection of the kitchen food waste. Within a sustainable vision of our Planet we consider the purity of the collected waste the basic step for any circular economy project We operate since 1998 to supply technical solutions both for professional and domestic customers


Piero Rusconi Clerici

Company History

Ecofast Italia S.r.l. – Environmental Technology was established in Milan on November 23th 1998, at first to import and distribute food waste disposers for domestic and professional users, in Europe.

Since from the beginning, the company’s activity has been characterized by a more marked technical connotation, carrying out, first in Italy, not only important tests in the use of food waste disposes, but an innovative research and development activity to the invention of new patents for new products/technologies in order to enhance a more sustainable and economic management of food waste.

Starting from 2007, Ecofast Italia progressively becomes supplier of important foodservice equipment companies, connoting more and more its activity as a reliable industrial partner in the food waste management solutions of the catering industry.

In 2001, Ecofast Italia was the founder of UIDA (Environmental Technology Suppliers’ Union)/DRA (Food Waste disposers)  (Environmental Technology Suppliers’ Union) Group, with ANIMA (the Federation of the Italian Associations of Mechanical and Engineering Industries) which is, in its turn, one of the most important Associations of the Italian Confederation of the Industry – Confindustria.

Field Tests

To date Ecofast  has exclusive distributors in 9 countries (Europe and Far-East) and one partnership in U.K. and we are on the way to extend our network in other countries.