FI.DE.CO. (FILTERING BY DENSITY CONTROL) represents an economic and socially responsible waste management solution fro catering establishments utilising food service equipments worldwide.

Thsi approach allows the municipal waste company to organize new collecting services to transport this highly dense liquid biomass to anaerobic digesters to produce biogas.

This W2E project, based on our innovative Self Thickening Tank, a technology developed within FC District, the research project co-founded within the 7th FRAMEWORK PROGRAM of the European Commission, reduces the CO2 emissions related to the less frequencies in collecting the dense and selected liquid biomass, produced and ground on-site, to anaerobic digestion plant, where it is transformed into a precious source of energy: THE BIOGAS.

The FI.DE.CO. is a semi closed system because the Self Thickening Tank automatically controls the density of the liquid biomass and filters it through a special filter in woven polypropylene monofilament with openings of 300 microns.

The liquid discharged into the sewerage system increases the rapid biodegradable fraction (RBCOD) of the carbon available in the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) determining an important increase in the real WWTP performances as nitrogen removal (see link De watering wastewater discharge).