Energy Efficient Buildings Association (E2BA) born in 2008 to coordinate the R/D effortswithin the technologies addressed to the buildings construction responding to the sustainability logic (the so called “Objective 20/20/20”).
The Association founders started from two basic topics:

  1. According to the European Commission statistics approximately the 40% of the so called “Euorpean Energy Bill” and 1/3 of the CO2 emissions have to be charge to the building sector.
  2. The big challenge of the future is to develop the use of the renewables, to improve the yield of the energy production systems and to find out all the possible energy saving through the technological development.

E2BA is focused to achieve these targets, channelling the ideas and the knowledge of its members even through their promotion within the EU funded research programs.
This team’s job allows also to the small companies to bring their know-how to the a vast public, otherwise precluded or confined to a small ambit. To this it’s possible to add that matching with a lot of knowledge excellences enable a serious and selective evaluation of your own ideas, which, in the other hand, allows the development of products responding in a more appropriate way to the political strategies of this sector in Europe e perhaps worldwide.

Visit E2BA website http://www.e2b-ei.eu