Organic waste measuring systems
(of the wastewater introduced by means of a disposer)

Si.Qu.R.O.” is a system for the quantitative detection of food waste processed by a food waste disposer, developed by Ecofast Italia S.r.l. together with the company Ingegneria Ambiente S.r.l.

It is made up by a sonda ables to detect the motion characteristic of the nonsynchronous engine of the disposer in use and by an electronic card ables to elaborate, by means of a complex algorithm, the signal so as to obtain the value of the quantity of food waste processed.

Si.Qu.R.O.” is covered by a patent and a confidential know-how.
Si.Qu.R.O.” enables a disposer to totally become an instrument for the source separated collecting system of food waste.


Latest studies carried out by Italian researchers (ISAD SW Copenhagen 2005) have shown very interesting prospectives deriving from the exploitation of the organic fraction collected with food waste disposers (FWD) for the production of biogas from anaerobic co-digestion of sludge and organic fraction and, therefore, of energy from renewable sources. The FWD-Sewerage-WWTP-Biodigestor system enables, in fact, the highest energetic efficiency and the lowest investment cost compared to other existing systems.
Si.Qu.R.O. is an ideal instrument to manage and monitor these sources of renewable energy.

By means of this innovative system the Local Authorities will be able, first of all, to measure the quantities introduced through the disposers and, if required, to apply the variable component to the new collection service tariff, in accordance with the European principle and philosophy of “pay as you throw”.